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The Cotswold Camper Fleet

Few things are more quintessentially British than a drive through the countryside, with the trees gliding past the windows on either side, knowing that at the other end of the adventure lies a well-deserved break, where you can relax and escape your regular daily habits. Escape the city life and head out in our VW California to the beach and enjoy the view of the ocean. Maybe you're somebody who prefers quiet, away from the rush that is working life, for you perhaps the rolling Scottish Highlands are calling your name. Whatever it is, our campers are ready to set sail on your adventure.

Understanding that memories last a lifetime is at the heart of our business, and we love being able to facilitate some of those memories.

Luxury Campervan Holidays in the UK

Whatever tickles your fancy, anything is possible when hiring a campervan from Cotswold VW Camper. With our range of vans, we provide you with the freedom to take the adventure from just an idea and manifest it into something achievable. Have you dreamt of driving the North Coast 500? Our campers have done it! Have you dreamt of travelling from John O'Groats to Lands End? That too!


Our campers have taken thrill-seeking adventurers from everything from the beautiful British Cotswolds to as far as the country allows, and back to the waves of Devon's award-winning beaches. Wherever you want to visit, we're well-equipped to take your travel dreams and make them a reality. We've four luxury VW California campers to hire, each able to hold a family, and each one ready to tackle your adventures with you.

Have you ever thought that it could be great fun to pack some clothes, grab some food and make your way around the country residing in our luxury VW Camper for the week? Oh my goodness, us too!


There’s something peaceful and grounding about packing just what you need and have it with you wherever you go, escaping the daily rat race.


Our camper vans have room for all the necessities you may take, and the facilities to enjoy a holiday in a home away from home. 



View From Within A Vehicle At Desolate Scenery

As cycling increases in popularity, bikepacking trips are becoming increasingly common amongst avid cyclists, setting themselves new challenges. With the benefit of having a temporary home on wheels, you can park up anywhere in the UK and take your bike on a new adventure every day, or have the family follow you while you take on your biggest ride yet.


Whatever the challenge, our campers are well-equipped to handle the rigors of long journeys while carrying your beloved bike, your food, and your support system. 



Cyclist In Black Going Round A Corner Surrounded By Large Trees

Office worker by week and avid surfer by the weekend? We know your type, and we love it! Why not take one of our beloved VW California's down to the beach, don the wetsuit and clear your mind in the ocean. Our camper vans are ready to set sail whenever you are, scratching that itch and helping you to get the taste of adventure you crave. 

Put on your shorts, strap on your surfboard, and set up camp at whatever beach you can catch a wave on. When you've finished, our van will be waiting for you to warm up, cook some food and watch that sunset. 



Two Blue Deckchairs On A Sandy Beach

There's nothing quite like a trusty walk to get some exercise, relieve some stress, or appreciate the outdoors. With everything the UK landscape has to offer, a walking holiday is something countless individuals and families are enjoying all over. 

So slip your walking boots on, map in hand (Or an app) and step out into the wilderness and appreciate the vast scenery that graces our beloved UK.


UK walking holidays are an experience in themselves, and we'll be right there with you. 



Man and Woman Hiking Near Mountains with Green Scenery

There's nothing quite like getting away for a weekend, letting your hair down, and getting involved in the festival scene, and with it being so prominent in the UK, there are many available to you. 

Perhaps you're a frequent Glastonbury festival goer, or Reading and Leeds are your preference. Maybe you're not a music fan but instead, love a classic car festival. Whatever it is, you'll have a comfortable bed and an environment to relax in, come days end (Even if that is in the early hours!). So whether it's a food festival or a weekend of music, we're raring to go. 



Woman In Black T Shirt With Long Hair At A Festival On Shoulders

​With many sporting events taking place over prolonged periods, you need to ensure you're set for the long haul. Formula 1, MotoGP, Cricket events, and many more are yearly staples for adoring fans.

If you're looking to camp at a sporting event, wouldn't it be nice to take away the need for multiple layers inside a sleeping bag and rest in a warm, comfy bed? Cue the Cotswold VW Camper line-up! 

All of our campers are ready to set sail to your favourite sporting event and provide you with all the facilities for a cracking breakfast to get your day started and a comfortable bed to lay your head at night.



A Motorsport Track with Formula 1 Race On Tarmac

Your Holiday. Your Way.

Gone are the days of struggling to pitch your tent in the wind, hiring a caravan at a campsite in your desired destination, or having to wear that many layers at night that you find it hard to move. Instead of battling with your holiday and allowing it to cause stress, make it effortless with a campervan with all the facilities you'd need. 

We have automatic VW California campers for hire with bike racks, built-in kitchens, cosy double beds, and even a table and chairs for the evenings you're feeling fancy and want to entertain. When you're done, jump in the van, get a great night's sleep in the warm and wake up fresh as a daisy ready to take on your adventure. 

Whatever it might be, our fleet is ready to make your holiday the experience of a lifetime. Be it a walk through the Scottish Highlands or a cycling holiday. Perhaps it's a trip to a race circuit, or you're out to catch a wave. Whatever your passion might be, pick one of our vans and let the memory-making commence. 

Best In Class - VW California Ocean

The VW California is one of the most popular and complete camper vans in its class – It is no surprise given the extensive range of equipment, facilities and integrated accessories fitted as standard. All of our vans are VW California T6.1 Ocean's  and provide you with the comfort and refinement to ensure perfect
days and nights all year round, carving out your adventure in a truly awe-inspiring way. 


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